Take some time - Your time - and you can give a lifetime memory. In service, Kiwanis is available to many other nonprofit organizations. We are the only service group that freely offers time and assistance to other community organizations. We widen out experience by giving to others. Touch a community need and you open your heart to a lifetime memory - yours for the joining.

We create an impression - Kiwanis has built a reputation in communities for its outreach activities. Our participation is selected based on the interest of our membership and the requests from the variety of organizations and individuals that have discovered our readiness to help.

We are building - Our future generations of club members and leaders through today´s youth. Not only do our volunteers have a "marker in society but we place an importance on passing this attitude of responsibility down through the generations as well.

When you belong - To Kiwanis you´re in the "loop". Professionals networking with one another to set the standard of community responsibility. You are our present and future key element for successful partnerships.